4 Things I Do to Pamper Myself (on a Budget)

As a working mom of three extremely active kids, its hard for me to make time for myself.  Every mom I know puts in a full “work”day, either at home or outside of the home and then spends the afternoon/evenings cooking, cleaning, and running children to practices or lessons. Many moms put themselves last (if at all) on their lists of priorities.  I have found over the years that when I make an effort to care for myself, I am generally happier and tend to be more patient with my children and my husband.  However, my husband and I are both educators, so I have to be financially smart about how I do this.

I have narrowed down the top 4 things I do to make myself a priority WITHOUT breaking the bank.

  1. I subscribe to Birchbox and receive a customized beauty box every month.  This service is $10 per month and absolutely worth it.  Subscribers receive at least 5 deluxe samples of high-end products which may include makeup, perfume, hair care, or skincare.  I usually do not spend much on these items so it is luxurious to get to try out the expensive brands without having the buy the full-sized item.  However, if you find that you love your sample(s), you usually get a discount on the regular size.img_4788
  2. I exercise several days of the week.  Group exercise classes are my jam and I miss them, but it isn’t practical for me to have a gym membership right now because I would never go.  I know this because I paid for it for four years and hardly ever went.  For now, I run or walk with friends when my schedule allows or I work out at home with Beachbody on Demand.  This service DOES cost ($38.87 every three months), but is totally worth it for me.  All of the Beachbody workouts, meal plans, and exercise calendars are on there and it is extremely convenient for me to stream the workouts on my phone, computer, or television.  There are short workouts and long workouts and they work for beginners or advanced exercisers.  There is also an app (My Challenge) where you can log your workout, weight, and measurements if you need some extra motivation.beachbody
  3. I try really hard to eat clean.  In April of 2015, I did my first Whole30 after realizing that not only had I kept on about 20 pounds from my last pregnancy, but I had gained about 15 more.  A high school student was doing it and was having success.  She encouraged me to try it and I was hooked.  Not only did I lose weight, I felt better physically and emotionally than I had in years.  I do a few rounds of the Whole30 each year, but even when we aren’t doing a round, we eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein.  I also drink a lot of water, which seems to help my skin and energy level.IMG_3653
  4. I pick one night a week to do something “spa-like” for myself.  I usually do it on Sunday because we don’t have any activities that evening and I’m mostly caught up on housework.  I either put on a face mask, take a hot bath, or give myself a mani/pedi–sometimes all 3.  These are all really simple acts that don’t take much time, but make me feel nice and put-together for the week ahead.


What do you all do to pamper yourselves? Let me know in the comments!