Coach's Cookin'

The Coach’s Cookin’: Jambalaya Eggrolls

When I started this blog, I assured you all that I would not be sharing any of my recipes here, and…I won’t!  I can definitely feed my family, but I’m not a great cook. My husband, however, is awesome at whipping up delicious meals.

One of the things he makes that our kids absolutely love is jambalaya egg rolls. They are as tasty and unhealthy as they sound. Haha. We don’t eat them often, but my youngest requested them for his half-birthday celebration last week so we indulged. Yes, we celebrate half-birthdays. There are no gifts or anything like that. We let the child pick whatever they want for dinner that we can make at home. It’s just something fun for our family to do.

Here’s how to make these easy crowd pleasers….


  • 1 Box of Jambalaya Mix (we like Oak Grove and Zatarain’s)
  • Already cooked sausage or chicken…or both
  • 1 pkg. egg roll wrappers
  • Oil

1. Make some boxed jambalaya mix, following the directions for that specific brand. You can use whatever is available at your local grocery.

2. Let the mixture cool a bit while you heat up your oil. We use the same Fry Daddy we got for a wedding gift, but you can use whatever device/cookware you normally use to fry things.

3. Once the jambalaya mixture is cool enough to work with, roll in the egg roll wrappers. Before rolling, use a brush or your hand to wipe the outside of the egg roll wrappers with water. We usually keep a small dish of water on the counter for this.

4. When all are rolled, fry those babies!

You can eat them just like this, but we like to add a little extra seasoning.

Frog Bone is our favorite, but any Cajun seasoning will do. Just sprinkle as much as you want on top.

To make these even better, serve with some remoulade–we use Arnaud’s.
These things are amazing! We have served them to family and friends many times and they are always impressed, which is pretty good considering this starts with a box mix!

If you need a fun new recipe to try this weekend, try these Jambalaya Eggrolls.  You won’t be sorry!

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