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Parenting a Middle Schooler: Book Review

Have a middle schooler? Going to have one someday? I taught middle school for seven years before moving to the high school and I can remember having multiple parent conferences where the parents stated, ” we just don’t know what to do with him/her!”

These were not bad parents and they weren’t parenting bad kids. Middle school is tough–for the kids and for the parents (and the teachers–haha). Our church did a study of the book Middle School: The Inside Story last year. We did not attend the classes, but I did get a copy of the book.


This is a Focus on the Family book and while it encourages conservative values, I didn’t find it to be “preachy.” The book is broken up into four parts:

  1. Part One: Changes–this section of the book discusses both physical changes and changes in perspective.
  2. Part Two: Parenting–focuses on what your child actually needs from you at this age, communication, and discipline.
  3. Part Three: Friends and Other Problems–this part talks about fitting in, relationships with the opposite sex, and any red flags you may encounter.
  4. Part Four: School–shares information about learning styles and many other school/homework/teacher issues.

Each chapter includes quotes from middle school students, parents, and teachers as well as sections titled “Here’s a Thought” that contain specific parenting tips.

My husband and I are parenting a middle schooler and a preteen right now and this book has been so helpful! We have both worked successfully with kids for many years, but we definitely can use help with figuring things out in our own family!

My favorite chapter discusses communicating with your middle schoolers. I tend to raise my voice or use sarcasm when my kids push my buttons, but the authors of this book suggest many ways to stay “adult” and not engage in this behavior.

The book can be purchased here (affiliate link).

I hope you find this book helpful.  Any middle school parenting tips you would like to share?

One thought on “Parenting a Middle Schooler: Book Review

  1. My kids are still super young but I dread the middle school days. I was a tough one for my parents so I’m sure I’ll get my karma lol. This is definitely a book I will check out and probably need. Thanks for sharing !

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