Oklahoma Travel: Pioneer Woman Mercantile

In my opinion, it is rare to find a jewel such as Ree Drummond. She is humble, kind, a loving mother, and a genius in the kitchen. I’ve watched her show for years and read all of her books.  At my house, we reference the cookbooks many times throughout the year when we are trying to find something tasty to make–my husband loves the Marlboro Man sandwich.

Since opening her store/restaurant/coffee shop, my mom and I have dreamed about making a visit. We decided that Spring Break would be a perfect time, so we made plans and added a few to our party. My mom, daughter, sister-in-law, her mom, and my niece hopped in our cars and headed that direction. It was close to a four-hour drive so our plans were to get into Pawhuska, where the Mercantile is located, and just shop around there.


We arrived after lunch, looked around the shop for awhile, and then went upstairs to peruse the bakery and coffee shop. When we got up there, we ran in to Ladd, Ree’s husband! He was so gracious and kind and took pictures with everyone who asked. When a child in line started crying, he went behind the counter and got the child a cookie. So sweet! When we got up to the counter, it was really hard to make our decision as to what to try. I got an iced Spicy Cowgirl coffee and a cinnamon roll to share–they are huge! Both items were delicious.


Our attempt at a selfie.  Haha!


At this point, everybody was pretty tired and my niece needed a nap, so we left the Merc and drove about 30 minutes to our hotel in Bartlesville.  There are not many places to stay in Pawhuska, so we chose Bartlesville because it was the next closest town.  I used Priceline (my fave) to book our rooms.  We relaxed for a short while and then went to a local Mexican restaurant, El Maguey, for dinner.  It was great fun having some girl-of-all-ages bonding time.  After eating, we were all pretty tired so we went back to the hotel to get some rest before our early start in the morning.

Our plan was to be at the Merc by 7 AM for breakfast.  We arrived a few minutes later than that and there was a line already!  Luckily, the staff at the Mercantile was prepared for the large Spring Break crowds.  A nice gentleman brought out several propane tank heaters and a lovely woman came out to entertain us with stories about the history of Pawhuska and the Drummond Ranch.  We didn’t wait very long, but rumor has it that not long after we moved inside, workers took hot cocoa outside to the people waiting to eat.


Once inside, the smell was overwhelmingly good and we couldn’t wait to order!  You can find the current menu here to see why we were so excited to eat.  My daughter and I shared the Farmer’s Breakfast and a biscuit with gravy.  I got another Spicy Cowgirl coffee.  The food was amazing, but I secretly wanted my sister-in-law’s pancakes–they came with three different types of syrup, one being Salted Caramel, my favorite! Don’t worry–she shared.

We shopped a little more after breakfast and then decided to head to the Lodge.  The Lodge is where Ree and her family film her Food Network show.  It is only open for viewing on certain dates (check here) and you have to ask for a “ticket” (directions) at the shop at the Mercantile.

This was something we didn’t really expect to do.  We were all tired and I wasn’t sure our whole party would want to make the drive out to the Lodge, but…it was my absolute favorite part!  The Lodge is absolutely beautiful!  It is nestled right past a little hill, overlooking some homes (not hers–I asked!  Haha) and farmland.  The property is enormous.  I had no idea how big the kitchen would be in real life, but it’s huge.  There are four beautiful bedrooms/bathrooms, a commercial kitchen, and many cool hang-out spaces.  They let us walk around the entire place–we even got to see where Ree does her hair/makeup when filming.  There was a lovely young lady at the Lodge who filled us in on all kinds of fun facts about the Drummond family and the property.





We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are planning on making a trip back with all of my aunts. I can’t wait for them to try the food and see all of the cool things Ree offers in her store.  Our goal is to do a little more exploring in Pawhuska and Bartlesville and make it to the Merc for lunch or dinner.  Hopefully, we’ll get to take them to the Lodge as well.

This would definitely make a great day (or two) trip if you live in Oklahoma or just happen to be visiting.  For more information or to shop her products, you can access the Mercantile webpage here.

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