Florida 2017: Part Two

To read about days 1-6 of our trip go to part one of this post.

To recap…we drove for three long days and spent four fun nights at Disney. My husband was sick the entire time we were in Orlando, so we were more than ready to get to the beach! We always tack on a beach trip after our time at Disney and have visited many places, including Cocoa Beach, Panama City, Destin, and Indian Pass.  This was our first time staying in Pensacola…


Day Seven: Heading to the Beach

We woke up fairly early, packed our cars, and headed out of Orlando.  My husband felt well enough to drive until lunch, when we stopped at Zaxby’s (we must love that place).  After eating, his dad took over to do the rest of the driving.  We arrived at our condo around 3, got everything unpacked, and made ourselves at home.  We stayed here and it was gorgeous! My in-laws booked us a 4-bedroom, 4-bath condo overlooking the pool and the beach.  Pictures can be deceiving, but this place was even better in person!


After we hung out for awhile, we headed to Perdido Key for dinner.  My husband’s cousin and his wife just happened to be on vacation in the area at the same time as us, so we met up with them.  We ate right on the water at the Perdido Key Oyster Bar.  The food was delicious (I had the Jerk Mahi) and the atmosphere was great.  We hit WalMart for some groceries and then went to bed, eager to lay on the sand the next day.

Day Eight: Rough Waters

The red flags were flying on our first beach day.  I was really nervous about letting our kids get in the water so I continuously reminded them not to go out very far.  It was pretty hard for me to relax and I encouraged lots of playing in the sand.



My husband actually felt pretty good this day and we were hopeful that he was kicking whatever was ailing him. We went in for a bit at lunch and then spent the rest of the day at the pool.  The guys made good use of the grill that night and we feasted on steaks, salad, and baked potatoes.  Once it was dark, the men and the kids all went crab hunting.  Apparently, it was hilarious watching the kids run around and grab little crabs.  From the room, we could see tons of people and their flashlights all over the beach.  Haha.


Day Nine: Going Backward and…Awkward Family Photos

My husband got up first and made everyone eggs, sausage, and coffee.  We all ate and headed back to the beach.  After about an hour or two, my hubs threw in the towel.  He felt awful and went back up to the condo.  The kids and I stayed on the sand for most of the day before going back to the pool in the late afternoon.


My sister-in-law booked us a photographer to take family photos so we all got cleaned up and ready.  I was hoping my husband would feel better after resting most of the day, but he couldn’t even get out of bed.  This is very uncharacteristic of him.  He hardly ever gets sick and when he does, he powers through and tries to carry on as normally as possible.  I was really worried and did not want to take family pictures without him.  The kids and I made it down to the sand, with the plan of just getting a few photos of them.  I ended up taking one picture with the kids and then an individual with each.  It was pretty awkward to do family pics without the whole family, but the photographer was awesome.  He put us all at ease and his work is beautiful.  If you are ever in that area and need photos, check out Jason G Creative Studios!

Katy & Family-17

When we returned from taking photos, my father-in-law and I decided to take my husband to the emergency room.  He had been running fever for a few days and we couldn’t get it down.  They ran many tests, gave him some fluids, and more antibiotics. After a long night, we got back to our room and crashed.

Day Ten: Our Last Day of Vacay

We all (minus my husband) spent our last day at Pensacola Beach enjoying the water and sunshine.  The ocean was super clear and calm so the kids were able to find lots of seashells and they caught a few small fish in buckets.  I went on a solo walk in the morning and saw a shark swimming really close to shore! I have no idea what kind (maybe a nurse shark?) it was, but a man on the beach said it was just searching for food and wasn’t aggressive.  I took his word for it.  Haha.


Smallest seashells ever?!


My father-in-law rented a kayak for the day and we all took turns paddling around the clear areas close to the resort beach.  I saw absolutely NOTHING on my turn, but my kids got to see fish, dolphins, and more sharks (the dolphin viewing was amazing in Pensacola).


No, we did NOT let them go alone!

We took a short dip in the pool before getting cleaned up for dinner.  The rest of the family made plans to go out, but I didn’t want to leave my husband by himself for very long.  My kids and I went to a local souvenir shop and grabbed a pizza to eat back at the condo.  I gathered almost all of our stuff and when the others got back, we got the car packed up for the next day’s drive.


Day Eleven: The Longest Day Ever

My family of 5 was on the road, headed for home, by 6 in the morning.  Everybody else was flying so we were on our own and…I was driving.  We take our time getting to Florida, but we make the drive back in one day.  By this time, we are tired of eating out and tired of sleeping in hotels.  All we wanted was to sleep in our own beds!  It took us around 16 hours to get back to Oklahoma and I drove the whole way.  Luckily, my husband felt good enough to navigate so I had some help.  My kids were really good so that was a blessing!  People think we are crazy to drive that much in one day, but it honestly wasn’t that bad.  We are so happy to be home!


Overall, we had a good trip and loved Orlando and Pensacola Beach.  We absolutely know how blessed we are to be able to take trips as a family.  Many people do not have the opportunity to travel and we are very grateful that we get to.  My kids had a great time and that was our main priority. My husband and I keep joking that we need to plan another trip this summer because he didn’t really get one.  Our anniversary is next week, so we shall see….



3 thoughts on “Florida 2017: Part Two

  1. That family picture turned out beautiful I’m so sorry the husband wasn’t feeeling well!! My hubby is the same and will try to power through so that must have been scary! At least the kids had fun at the beach. I haven’t made it to that beach yet it looks beautiful !


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